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Trichomoniasis Management Helps Increase Calving Rates
Reports by producers of a high incidence of abortions and low pregnancy rates in beef cattle herds in Chihuahua...
Developmental Disease in Ayrshires is Inheritable
A worrying disease in Ayrshire calves causing growth and intellectual retardation has been discovered by Finnish...
Leucaema in Queensland: Recipe for Success?
Australian beef producers, particularly in the Darling Downs, would benefit from a persistent summer perennial...
Genetic Testing Discovers Reason Behind Fleckvieh Bull Infertility
German scientist have discovered a genetic mutation that, when present in both male and female sires, can...
A Stepwise Approach for Progressive Control of Brucellosis in Animals and Humans
A systematic four step process has been outlined by the Food and Agriculture Organisation to assist controlling...
Schmallenberg Virus Pathogenesis, Tropism and Interaction with the Innate Immune System of the Host
In an effort to reduce the effects of the schmallenberg virus, researchers have engineered the genome of the...



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