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Milk sellers continued selling milk on higher prices despite their commitment

08 January 2007

PAKISTAN - The milk sellers continued to overcharge the customers despite their commitment a day back with the city government to sell milk on the official prices till the reports of the committee constituted by city government to evaluate their demands and determine new prices.

The representatives of dairy farmers and retailers had agreed on Friday during a meeting with City Nazim to sell milk on officials price of Rs 28 per liter for 10 days during which, the committee constituted in the meeting would evaluate the reasons of the milk sellers and determine new prices.

However, the milk sellers did not abide by their commitment and continued to sell milk on higher rate, Rs 34 per liter and even in some area at Rs 36 per liters, on Saturday. The sellers also sold yogurt at Rs 48 per kg, although the official price of it is Rs 40 per kg.

It is worth mentioning here that prior to recent sudden increase the milk was being sold at Rs 30 to 32 per kg instead of the official rates of Rs 28 in the city.

Despite the city government much publicized and orchestrated campaign against the price hike the milk sellers have been constantly flouting the official prices of milk for many months.

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Source: Pak Tribune


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