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Costa Rica Ships First Milk Consginment to China

02 July 2013

COSTA RICA –Dairy cooperative Don Pinos RL has become the first Costa Rican company to successfully agree to a dairy export deal with China.

Last month, the Chinese government resolved that two 31,500 litre tankers were to be exported to China after a consultation led by the General Secretary of China, Xi Jinping.

The batch left on Friday under the supervision of Gloria Abraham, Agriculture Minister who is keen to cement ties with dairy consumers in China, which will be done through simplification of regulations and trade protocol.

We have tried to improve the excessive bureaucracy, said Mrs Abraham.

“By making the regulatory framework easier, we hope to facilitate opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and worker access for their products to millions of Chinese buyers," she added. "We hope that Dos Pinos export will continue and a sign that Costa Ricans can conquer the great markets of the world."

"I want to see how we can tie the demand that will be generated in China once they start to try domestic dairy products. The big challenge will be to understand how the Costa Ricans take advantage of the great opportunities offered this great market," said Mrs Abraham.

By shipping milk to China, Mrs Abraham states that a process of market infiltration is beginning which will hopefully continue within dairy and include pineapple, melon and poultry products.

The Don Pinos cooperative worked with assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX), the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply, the National Health Service (SENASA) and ambassadorial offices in both Costa Rica and China.

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