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04 March 2015
New Zealand to Introduce New Dairy Traceability Measures
NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand government is set to introduce a series of new food safety and traceability measures into the dairy sector following the publication of a report by the Dairy Traceability Working Group....
27 February 2015
Dairy Sector Needs Ways to Manage Volatility
UK - The UK dairy sector needs to find ways of managing volatility, farmers heard at the National Farmers Union conference in Birmingham this week....
19 February 2015
How Do We Get Consumers Buying British Dairy Products?
ANALYSIS – Dairy farmers took to the streets of Middlesbrough and Sheffield this week as part of a National Farmers Union campaign to ignite domestic demand for British value-added dairy products....
18 February 2015
Stocking Boost for Colombian Region
COLOMBIA – Colombia’s traceability drive will be accompanied by a cattle repopulation programme, says a national farm body....
17 February 2015
Three Supermarket Groups Head Animal Welfare Benchmark Table
GLOBAL - Three European supermarket groups have been given top marks in a global annual farm animal welfare Business Benchmark report....
13 February 2015
2.5 Million Colombian Cattle to Be Traceable by 2016
COLOMBIA – A national cattle traceability programme is reigniting efforts to expand its database with a view to ship more bovine product overseas....
10 February 2015
Call for Legislative Fix to Country of Origin Labelling
CANADA - Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz called for a legislative fix to the argument over Country of Origin Labelling is a series of meetings in Washington DC last week....
30 January 2015
Sustainable Soy and Food Waste Drive Progress in Netherlands
THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch dairying has vowed to progress on sustainability this year with the announcement that it will work hard to cut food waste and source responsible soy....
20 January 2015
Lifecycle Assessment: US Beef Sustainability Improved 5 Per Cent
ANALYSIS - Kim Stackhouse, NCBA Director of Sustainability Research, explains how the NCBA Lifecycle Assessment Study shows that sustainability of US beef production has improved 5 per cent when looking at all three pillars - economics, social and environmental....
19 January 2015
Can Sustainable Intensification Help Feed the World?
ANALYSIS - Sustainable intensification is one way to feed our growing population, according to Dr. Frank Mitloehner, professor at University of California-Davis. ...
16 January 2015
Why is McDonald's Passionate about Sustainable Beef?
ANALYSIS - Francesca DeBiase, VP Strategic Sourcing, Sustainability at McDonald's, said buying verified sustainable beef by 2016 is one of McDonald's key commitments....
07 January 2015
Call for Country of Origin Labelling on UK Dairy Products
UK - The British government is calling on the European Commission to introduce country of origin labelling on milk and dairy products....
18 December 2014
Scientists and Industry Progressing on Cow Talk
GLOBAL - Thoughts on the language of cattle, both dead and alive, are currently receiving major scrutiny....
16 December 2014
New UK Food Labelling Regulations
UK - New Food Information to Consumers’ (FIC) regulations are now in force, as of 13 December. ...
20 November 2014
Western Australian Livestock Registration
AUSTRALIA - All owners of livestock within Western Australia must be registered and their stock identified in accordance with the relevant regulations. All beekeepers must also be registered and their hives identified. Forms are available to complete...
18 November 2014
Antimicrobials: Usage Falling, Resistance Rising
GLOBAL – Antimicrobial usage is falling in Europe but bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing at an alarming rate....
17 November 2014
Sharing Data Between Producers, Processors and Retailers Would Benefit All
UK -The benefits of sharing data between producers, processors and retailers could add value to all stages of the supply chain and improve British livestock production, says Innovation for Agriculture (IfA), the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and Warwickshire...
21 October 2014
Food Labels Can Reduce Environmental Impacts of Livestock
US - With global food demand expected to outpace the availability of water by the year 2050, consumers can make a big difference in reducing the water used in livestock production....
14 October 2014
$7.5 million Investment into Canadian Agri Traceability Services
CANADA - Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz today announced an investment of $7.5 million to the Canadian Agri Traceability Services to develop, implement and operate a national livestock traceability data service....
22 September 2014
British Vets Prefer British Meat and Fish
UK - Vets across Britain really care about where their meat, fish, dairy products and eggs come from, with an overwhelming majority buying British....
22 August 2014
Colombia's Cattle ID Plans Progressing
COLOMBIA – National efforts to bring full traceability across Colombia’s 24 million cattle herd are ahead of schedule....
20 August 2014
Russia to Introduce Electronic Veterinary Certificates
RUSSIA - Russia is to introduce electronic veterinary certificates from February 2017....
05 August 2014
Official Cattle Traceability Scheme Started in Dominican Republic
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Cattle in the Dominican Republic will now be traced through a national system logging breeding data and health records....
16 July 2014
Test Tube Milk Can’t Beat the Real Thing
NEW ZEALAND – Farmers needn’t worry about test tube milk products threatening the dairy industry yet, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (FFNZ) has assured....
07 July 2014
US Initiates Discussion on Animal Welfare in South Korea
SOUTH KOREA - The US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is taking a proactive approach on animal welfare and sustainability in its discussion with importers in South Korea....
03 July 2014
Let’s Keep COOL this Independence Day, Says Farmers Union
US - More than 74 million Americans plan to celebrate the US's independence this weekend by enjoying a barbecue. About 900 million pounds of pork, beef and chicken will be purchased around the country this week. With all that meat on the grill over the...
18 June 2014
New US Campaign for Better Food Labelling
US - A new national poll reveals a consumer mandate for better food production practices and Consumer Reports has launched a campaign to end the 'natural' label in favour of one that underscores a more sustainable system....
13 June 2014
China Takes Further Step With Dutch on Dairy
CHINA – Further diplomatic progress has been made in the bid to put more Dutch dairy produce on the Chinese market....
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