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11 February 2020
Addressing the UK’s rumen and liver fluke challenge
Researchers at the University of Liverpool want to combat the growing prevalence of rumen fluke and liver fluke in the UK....
05 February 2020
How Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostics Contribute to Wildlife Conservation
The Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is home to over 96 species of mammals, including giraffes, rhinoceros, elephants, lions and African buffalo. Bovine tuberculosis (bTB), a major infectious disease that affects the lungs and lymph...
31 January 2020
Azerbaijan's Agency to Introduce EID Tags for Cattle
AZERBAIJAN - The Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan plans to introduce EID (electronic identification) tags for cattle in 2020, Head of agency’s Animal Health Department Galib Abdulaliyev told Trend on 20 January....
17 January 2020
13 ag-tech innovators transforming livestock production
In the endeavour for better animal welfare and improved sustainability, new disruptive innovations are emerging to enable farmers to monitor the health of their herds in real-time, prevent disease outbreaks, and optimise nutrition....
14 January 2020
FMD Suspected to Have Killed 70 Dairy Cows in Thailand
THAILAND - Over 70 dairy cows have died from, and 1,700 others infected with suspected foot-and-mouth disease in Saraburi, central Thailand, local media reported on Monday (13 January)....
20 December 2019
Research Shows Domestic Animals Link Virus Spread Among Humans, Wildlife
UK - Our domesticated animals - both pets and livestock - hold the key to the spread of viruses among humans and wildlife according to new research involving Swansea University....
18 December 2019
New Evidence Demonstrates Importance of Govt's Comprehensive bTB Eradication Strategy
UK - New research shows that cattle are ten times more likely to catch bovine TB from badgers than badgers are to catch it from cattle, providing an important insight into the transmission of bTB between badgers and cattle....
13 December 2019
Team Finds Bovine Kobuvirus in US
US - A virus that afflicts cattle that was first discovered in Japan in 2003 has made its way to the US, according to a report by researchers....
28 November 2019
New Vaccine to Stop Spread of Bovine TB
UK - Scientists at the University of Surrey have developed a novel vaccine and complementary skin test to protect cattle against bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB)....
20 November 2019
Mycoplasma Mastitis – What’s Your Herd’s Risk?
Mycoplasma mastitis decreases milk production, but even worse, Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) cases tend to be chronic and given that there is no treatment, animal welfare must also be considered....
18 November 2019
How Diagnostics Kept the Swiss Mad Cow Disease Program a Step Ahead During a Crisis
When the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis hit, Switzerland was a step ahead of many countries in Europe. The Swiss National Reference Laboratory had already implemented measures that would pay off in two ways: by controlling the disease in...
06 November 2019
Brazilian Cattle, Buffalo Herds to Be Vaccinated Against FMD
Cattle and buffalo breeders are expected to vaccinate approximately 87 million animals during the new stage of foot-and-mouth (FMD) vaccination, which began in most of the country November 1. Currently the total herd of the country is 216 million heads....
29 October 2019
Zoetis and Texas A&M University to Develop Vaccines for Transboundary and Emerging Animal Diseases
Zoetis has signed an agreement with Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM) to establish a facility to accelerate the development of transboundary and emerging disease vaccines --...
22 October 2019
Research: Insight into Infections Found in the Noses of Healthy Cattle
New research led by academics at the University of Bristol Veterinary and Medical Schools used the 'One Health' approach to study three bacterial species in the noses of young cattle and found the carriage of the bacteria was surprisingly different. ...
17 October 2019
What Really Makes Mastitis Types Different?
Gram positive, Gram negative, mycoplasma – you’ve heard the different categories of mastitis many times, but what really makes them different? The basic difference is their cell structure....
02 October 2019
Where Would FMD Control Be Without Diagnostics?
ANALYSIS - Dr. Don King leads a team of 25 scientists and students who have recently celebrated 60 years of the World Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (WRLFMD) in support of global initiatives to control FMD....
16 September 2019
Fiji Continues to Lose Cattle to TB: Industry Official
FIJI - Despite an increase in milk production in Fiji, a senior industry official says cattle continue to be lost to tuberculosis (TB)....
03 September 2019
Anthrax Outbreak Kills Livestock in Saskatchewan
CANADA - Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture says seven farm animals are dead due to anthrax....
30 August 2019
Vet Invents First-aid Tool for Cattle
TURKEY - A veterinarian in eastern Turkey has invented a first-aid device to prevent cattle from dying due to stomach problems....
29 August 2019
Service Investigation Initiated Following Mass Infection of Cattle
KAZAKHSTAN - Service investigation has been initiated following mass infection of cattle with unknown disease in the North Kazakhstan region....
20 August 2019
National Livestock Movement Bans May Prove Economically Damaging
UK - New research from the University of Warwick has pioneered an economic perspective on controlling livestock diseases. Focusing on Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), bovine TB (bTB) and bluetongue virus (BTV), the researchers draw striking conclusions about...
06 August 2019
Drug Combination Effective Against Bovine Leukemia
JAPAN - Scientists have succeeded in reducing levels of the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) in cows with severe infections by combining an immune checkpoint inhibitor and an enzyme inhibitor. The finding could be utilized to control other diseases in cattle,...
01 August 2019
Agency Talks Spread of Anthrax Among Cattle in Azerbaijan
AZERBAIJAN - No cases of infection or death of cattle from anthrax have been recorded in Azerbaijan since 2005, spokesman for the Agency for Agrarian Services under Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry Yolchu Khanvali told Trend....
25 July 2019
80k Cattle Vaccinated in Matabeleland South
ZIMBABWE - The Veterinary Department in Matabeleland South Province has vaccinated about 80,000 cattle in the province against anthrax which is usually recorded when there is a drought....
24 July 2019
IFA Reacts to Ag Minister's Launch of Renewed TB Strategy
IRELAND - IFA Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell said IFA National Council have strongly rejected proposals by the TB forum to increase TB controls and costs on farms while refusing to address the shortcomings in the current compensation schemes....
23 July 2019
M. bovis Levy Added to Long List of Costs for Dairy Farmers
NEW ZEALAND - A levy on milk solids to pay for the Mycoplasma bovis response is another cost in a long list that farmers are having to endure, an industry leader says....
17 July 2019
Govt To Compensate Farmers Who Lost Cattle to Theileriosis
ZIMBABWE - The government has undertaken to compensate all farmers in Mashonaland East province who lost their cattle to Theileriosis also known as January disease....
16 July 2019
HC Bars Unauthorised Sale, Administration of Antibiotics to Cattle
BANGLADESH - The High Court has banned the sale antibiotics for cattle and its administration without a prescription from a veterinarian....
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