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16 April 2020
View news from Argentina Argentina’s grain sector braces for its first coronavirus case
Argentina is waiting for the first COVID-19 case to be confirmed among the thousands of port labourers and grains handlers who work in the country’s key agricultural export sector....
14 April 2020
View news from Argentina Brazil and Argentina’s agricultural heartland suffer prolonged drought
Parts of South America’s farm belt are being hammered by a drought that threatens to curb harvest yields....
27 March 2020
View news from Argentina Argentina mulls port closures, signalling potential pressure on grain used in cattle feed
Argentine grains port workers have requested that exports be suspended during the pandemic....
15 October 2018
View news from Argentina Argentina Eyes Shanghai Import Expo for Great Opportunities
ARGENTINA - Argentina is preparing to make the most of the great opportunity offered by the first ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), said a top Argentine trade official....
30 July 2018
View news from Argentina US Says Farmers Could Get Cash Aid by Oct But Will Not be Made Whole
ARGENTINA - US farmers could receive cash payments from a planned $12 billion aid package as soon as late September, US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told Reuters on Saturday, warning that the program will not make tariff-hit farmers whole....
12 February 2018
View news from Argentina Arla Agrees to Acquisition of Shares in AFISA
ARGENTINA - Arla Foods Ingredients has agreed to acquire the shares in Arla Foods Ingredients S.A (AFISA) currently owned by SanCor to support the company’s ambition for market growth in South America....
17 November 2016
View news from Argentina Argentina's Milk Powder Exports to Fall Significantly
ARGENTINA - Argentina is one the world’s major dairy exporting regions but its milk production has declined significantly during 2016, according to UK levy board AHDB Dairy....
14 July 2016
View news from Argentina Scientists Sequence Genome in Effort to Fight Leptospirosis
ARGENTINA - Argentine researchers have sequenced the genome of a pathogen that causes huge losses of meat and milk production in cattle for the first time....
28 May 2015
View news from Argentina Argentina Calls for Recognition of Role of Small Producers
ARGENTINA - As part of the opening of the 83rd World Assembly of Delegates of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris this week, the Argentine Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation, Carlos Casamiquela, called on...
10 March 2015
View news from Argentina Argentina Vaccinates 42million Cattle for FMD
ARGENTINA – Over 42 million Argentinian cattle received vaccinations in the country’s second Foot and Mouth Disease campaign of 2014....
27 November 2014
View news from Argentina Compliance Warning Issued After Processor Safety Failure
ARGENTINA – Dairy food safety standards are being subject to a government health check after two processors fell short of the mark earlier this autumn....
26 November 2014
View news from Argentina Feeding Cactus Fruit Halves Livestock Water Needs
ARGENTINA – Huge water savings can be achieved by feeding goats, sheep and cattle with chopped cactus fruit, Argentinian farmers are hearing....
03 October 2014
View news from Argentina Argentina Spared From Milk Price Cuts
ARGENTINA - The dairy price downturn has followed a trend of more milk and less demand across the major milk producing nations, except in Argentina where yields have fallen....
17 September 2014
View news from Argentina Second Round of FMD Vaccination Starts in Argentina
ARGENTINA - The Argentine National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA) is to start the second round of the annual vaccination against foot and mouth disease in the appropriate provinces....
03 June 2014
View news from Argentina Greater Mexican Dairy Access for Argentina
ARGENTINA – Argentina’s dairy sector is set to deliver more milk to Mexican buyers after food safety auditors granted export access to a host of dairy plants....
02 June 2014
View news from Argentina Patagonia, Bolivia, Brazil Welcome Disease News From OIE
SOUTH AMERICA - Latin American countries are striving to reopen beef trading outlets after the annual meeting of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) gave a confidence boost to animal health....
23 April 2014
View news from Argentina Top BSE Status Granted to Argentina
ARGENTINA – A southern hemisphere food standards delegation has praised efforts put in place by government bodies to prevent and monitor Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)....
20 March 2014
View news from Argentina Thousand Cattle Killed By Drought and Ragwort Combination
ARGENTINA – Over a thousand cattle have perished from starvation and weed poisoning in the Misiones region because of pasture shortage and an abundance of Ragwort....
10 March 2014
View news from Argentina Hundreds of Farms to Fail Because of Money Meltdown
ARGENTINA – Hundreds of dairy farms could disappear because of an economic downturn that is causing huge currency inflation and limiting export sector confidence....
11 February 2014
View news from Argentina Dairy Shipment Confirms Argentinian Recovery
ARGENTINA – A milk powder delivery has been confirmed for Saudi Arabia by an expanding dairy processor in Entre Rios after a period of steady improvement for dairying....
27 January 2014
View news from Argentina Angus Genetics Get Chinese Screening
ARGENTINA – Animal health officials have screened Angus genetic material for disease with a view to it being exported to the Chinese market....
15 January 2014
View news from Argentina National Laboratory Declared Brucellosis Reference Centre
ARGENTINA – The World Organisation for Animal Health (FAO) has declared a National Service for Animal Health and Food Safety (SENASA) facility as suitable to be a reference centre for Brucellosis....
06 January 2014
View news from Argentina Could Cow Belches Be A New Power Source?
ARGENTINA – Cattle back-packs are being used to capture methane from a cow’s stomach as part of a ground breaking experiment in Argentina....
31 October 2013
View news from Argentina Dairy Deliveries to Benefit from Road Improvement Scheme
ARGENTINA – Dairy farmers and processors are set to benefit from a cash injection to improve 50 kilometres of road infrastructure in the Cordoba region....
25 October 2013
View news from Argentina Argentina Reports Record Growth in Pig, Poultry and Dairy Production
ARGENTINA - In the last ten years, poultry, pig and dairy production grew 170 per cent, 109 per cent and 43 per cent respectively. The per capita consumption of the three food sectors grew to 5 to 9.2 per cent per year, respectively, between 2003 and...
22 October 2013
View news from Argentina Six Provinces See Second Round of Foot and Mouth Vaccinations
ARGENTINA – Animal health services have commenced the second round of foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccinations, to run from 15 October to 15 December....
17 October 2013
View news from Argentina Argentina Faces Shortages of Corn, Wheat
ANALYSIS – Argentine feedlots and poultry producers say there is not enough corn to go around, and at the same time wheat prices have gone sky high, writes Chris Wright, senior editor....
10 October 2013
View news from Argentina Support Initiative Sees SanCor First to Make Funding Pledge
ARGENTINA – A government support scheme, involving the cooperation of private processors and distributors, is to offer short term loans for suppliers of the country's main exporter, SanCor....
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