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23 January 2020
View news from Finland Arla Finland Launches World's First AI App for Animal Welfare
FINLAND - Arla Finland has launched an AI app for animal welfare that is reportedly the first in the world that uses artificial intelligence to give consumers a variety of up-to-date information on animal welfare....
16 May 2019
View news from Finland Organic Animal Farms Benefit Birds Nesting in Ag Environments
FINLAND - The abundance of bird species living in agricultural environments has decreased both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. ...
13 March 2019
View news from Finland Finnish Dairy Giant Confirms Cut of White-collar Jobs
FINLAND - Finnish dairy giant Valio announced on Wednesday that employee and employer representatives have completed co-determination talks and that 80 workers will be let go....
07 August 2018
View news from Finland Hay-poor Dairy Farmers Consider Sending Cows to Slaughter
FINLAND - After a dry summer, many farmers in the south and west predict that they will only harvest half of their normal yield. This bodes poorly for Finland's livestock....
11 July 2018
View news from Finland Finland to Probe Potential of Cattle Manure for Energy Production
FINLAND - Large-scale animal husbandry in Finland generates some 20 million tonnes of waste annually, the nutrient content of which is currently under-utilised....
29 December 2016
View news from Finland Milk War Ends as Court Upholds €70m Fine on Valio
FINLAND - Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court has upheld a decision by the Market Court to fine the Finnish dairy company Valio €70 million for abusing its dominant market position in the local fresh milk market. The decision marks the end of a...
18 November 2016
View news from Finland Animal Waste Converted into Protein Feed Source in Finland
FINLAND - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has developed a solution for converting even small sources of methane-rich biogas into raw materials for animal feed or bioplastic on farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants....
31 August 2016
View news from Finland Cows in Glass Boxes Help Scientists Reduce Methane Emissions
FINLAND - A recent study using cows in glass boxes to measure their emissions found that methane emissions can be linked to genotypes, which may allow scientists to speed up the breeding of more climate-friendly cows....
20 April 2015
View news from Finland Food Safety Body Recommends Heating Raw Milk
FINLAND - Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has called for raw milk only to be used in cooked products, because of the risks from Yersinia bacteria....
02 April 2015
View news from Finland Cattle Growth Hormone Found to Effect Fish Sexual Behaviour
FINLAND - A common growth-promoting hormone used worldwide in the cattle industry has been found to affect the sexual behaviours of fish at a very low concentration in waterways – with potentially serious ecological and evolutionary consequences....
23 December 2014
View news from Finland Finland Secures €10.7 million Package for Milk Producers
FINLAND - The European Commission has adopted a €10.7 million support package for milk producers in Finland, as indicated last week. This new package is the latest in a series adopted by the European Commission in response to the Russian ban on the...
05 March 2014
View news from Finland Livestock Production Undergoing Rapid Structural Change
FINLAND - A structural change in livestock production in Finland is affecting production costs and competitiveness....
04 March 2014
View news from Finland New Method to Determine Vitamin D3 in Milk
FINLAND - The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has developed a new method for the determination of vitamin D3 in milk....
14 February 2014
View news from Finland Valio Investing Around 40M Euros in Oulu Dairy
FINLAND - Valio Ltd’s Board of Directors decided on 3 February 2014 to expand the production and materials warehousing premises at the Oulu dairy by some 5,500 square metres, and add new equipment for the production and packing units. Together with...
10 February 2014
View news from Finland Improving a Process the Soft Way
FINLAND - One of the largest whey powder production plants in Finland recently increased its production by more than 10 per cent without having to invest in any hardware or use more energy in the process. ...
27 September 2013
View news from Finland Russian Rabies Threat To Be Beaten From The Air
FINLAND – State authorities have begun the aerial distribution of rabies vaccines across a 10,000 kilometre square area of land to combat the spread of the virus from Russia....
04 September 2013
View news from Finland Finnish Dairy Industry Lay Out Wishes for Post-Quota Supports
FINLAND – An industry plea has been sent to the government calling for the rapid adoption a new farm support system after quota removal in 2015....
08 April 2013
View news from Finland 'Increase in the Price of Milk Does not Affect Consumption'
FINLAND – Strong demand has seen milk heralded as the ‘national drink’ at the dairy future seminar in Kuusamo....
15 January 2013
View news from Finland Schmallenberg Identified For First Time
FINLAND – Schmallenberg has been identified in Finland for the first time in lambs by the Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira. ...
01 November 2012
View news from Finland Schmallenberg Virus Antibodies Detected in Mainland Finland
FINLAND - Based on the results of analyses completed on 29 October 2012 antibodies of the Schmallenberg virus have been detected in several cattle herds in South-West and South Finland. ...
23 October 2012
View news from Finland Schmallenberg Found in Finland
FINLAND - Finnish veterinary authorities have reported Schmallenberg virus in two beef cows from the same farm on Åland. This is the first detection of Schamllenberg in Finland. ...
26 August 2011
View news from Finland CID LINES Shows Dairy Products At Finnish Show
FINLAND - CID LINES demonstrated a range of its hygiene for dairy cattle products at the Finnish "Farmari" show. ...
06 January 2011
View news from Finland Rise in Pork, Dairy Products Prices Forecast
FINLAND - Prices for pig meat and dairy products will rise next spring, according to the President of Finland's Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), Juha Marttila. ...
23 August 2010
View news from Finland Russia Lifts Some Finnish Meat Restrictions
FINLAND - Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Rosselkhoznadzor, has informed the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira that temporary restrictions will be lifted from three meat processing plants and one new plant will...
26 February 2010
View news from Finland Reduce Pressure On Watercourses
FINLAND - Jaana Uusi-Kämppä, Senior Research Scientist at MTT Agrifood Research Finland, has demonstrated in her doctoral dissertation that there are many ways in which cattle farms can reduce the load on watercourses caused by cattle-raising....
01 June 2009
View news from Finland Antibiotic-resistance Spreads to Fertilizer
FINLAND - Vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) have been found in sewage sludge, a by-product of waste-water treatment frequently used as a fertilizer. ...
12 March 2009
View news from Finland Research on Campylobacters in Cattle and Broilers
FINLAND - Campylobacteriosis is the most commonly reported bacterial enteric infection worldwide. The human cases are usually sporadic, and most of them are caused by Campylobacter jejuni, says Evira. ...
12 December 2008
View news from Finland Spring Peak in Dairy Pasture Nitrogen Losses
FINLAND - The nitrogen emissions from boreal dairy pastures vary depending on the time of year and ley rotation. The emissions peak in spring, when the nitrates accumulated in the soil over the previous summer and winter leach with the melting snow....
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