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Impact of Lameness on Reproductive Performance
By Michael O'Connor, Dairy and Animal Science Extension - When we discuss the effect of lameness on reproductive performance we generally focus on the concept that lame cows are generally less likely to engage in mounting activity. Cows need sound feet...
The Judicious Use of Antimicrobials for Animal Producers
By The Department of Health and Human Services, Minnesota University Extension. The production of safe and wholesome animal products for human consumption is a primary goal of beef producers....
Proper Dry Cow Management Critical for Mastitis Control
By G. M. Jones, Professor of Dairy Science, Extension Dairy Scientist, Milk Quality and Milking Management, Virginia Tech. ...
Guidelines to Culling Cows with Mastitis
By G. M. Jones, Professor of Dairy Science and Extension Dairy Scientist, Milk Quality & Milking Management, Virginia Tech. ...
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