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US dairy welfare expert speaks at UK collaboration event
There must be a move away from thinking of farm animal ‘health’ and ‘welfare’ as separate issues,...
Experts challenge current understanding of transition dairy cow health
Comprehensive review in the Journal of Dairy Science® examines the riskiest period for dairy cow health,...
Environmental mastitis risk during housing
Udder infections may be picked up from the environment or transmitted from cow to cow (contagious transmission),...
Neospora: significant cause of abortion in dairy, beef herds in Northern IrelandNI
Neospora also known as Neospora caninum is single celled parasitic organism that can affect cattle, particularly...
Listeriosis often found in silage fed in winter
Listeriosis is a bacterial disease caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes....
BVDV remains a threat in Northern Ireland
The BVD eradication programme for N. Ireland entered its compulsory phase in 2016 and since then substantial...



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