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Kenya Dairy Production Shoots Up

19 December 2007

KENYA - Stabilised milk market prices and use of modern dairy techniques by dairy farmers have seen milk production in Kenya shoot to 3.7 billion litres up from 2.5 billion five years ago.

Processed milk had during the same period rose to 257 million litres.

According to the Kenya Dairy Board Technical Services Manager, Dr Philip Cherono: “Kenya, he said, was the only country in the region with surplus milk and challenged farmers to step up production in order to exploit the available markets”.

He, however, told Africa Science News Service that the 400 million litres of milk being processed annually was not enough to meet the expanded market demands in the East African region.

Currently, Dr Cherono said, Kenya, with 85% of the dairy cattle population in eastern Africa, besides satisfying the east African region market was also exporting milk to Yemen, Nigeria, Malawi, Southern Africa and Botswana where it was being used for school milk programme.

He told the Africa News Service that the challenges preventing the country from benefiting fully from the expanded market included global competition, low level of cooling and attainment of international standards.

Currently Kenya’s per capita availability of milk is four to seven times higher than the other countries in the region.

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Source: Africa Science News Service


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