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Feed And Dairy Processing Expansion In Ethiopia

21 June 2011

ETHIOPIA - As part of the Feed Enhancement for Ethiopian Development (FEED) project, ACDI/VOCA reports that Ethiopian cooperatives and consumers are fighting food insecurity and benefiting from new feed and dairy plants.

In the project, ACDI/VOCA partnered with the Selale Dairy Producers Cooperative Union to make investments in local agricultural production to fill market gaps and improve local food quality and availability.

The partnership has resulted in a major animal feed-processing plant.

A major challenge to the development of Ethiopia’s livestock sector has been a lack of manufactured animal feed. The union’s new feed mill will overcome this challenge and boost the local economy. “Members of the union will have safe feed, with a significant reduction of nutritional problems as well as diseases and contamination.”

“The equipment that the union is using will produce up to 2,000 metric tons of feed per year,” says ACDI/VOCA-Ethiopia Chief of Party John “Bick” Riley at the feed mill launch.

On the same day of the feed mill launch, the Selale Union laid the cornerstone for a new dairy-processing plant that will help farmers earn a fair price for their dairy products as well as improve cooperatives’ productivity.

Union General Manager Hailu Tadesse says the plant will be finalised within a year, and he expects it will create seasonal and permanent job opportunities for more than 40 people.

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