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Dairy Must Help Satisfy Nutrition Message and Food Security

23 January 2014

ITALY – Consumer nutrition and food security is at the forefront of Europe’s dairy agenda, a leading European Commissioner has announced.

But, producing greater quantities of dairy produce will be challenged by climate change and new human/animal health disease as new diets.

An answer, however is vital, as a 70 per cent rise in food demand is predicted by 2050.

This message featured in an interview the Italian Association on Milk and Dairy had with Paola Testori Coggi, Director General for health and consumers at the European Commission.

She told the Association that concrete actions are in force to promote innovative farming which caters for environmental and health concerns while producing more food.

Furthermore, she revealed a labelling law, to come in December 2014, would communicate supply chain ethics more clearly, as well as nutrition.

The change would come as an amendment to a 2011 food information law and could be critical for dairy in terms of getting nutritional and health messages over.

Mrs Coggi stressed that Italy’s main market is Europe and should therefore look to capitalise on the Commission’s 2005 health platform and promote dairy products as part of a balanced diet.

She added that dairy’s growth benefits in children should be emphasised.

Summing up the School Milk Programme, which stemmed from the While Paper "A Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity”, Mr Coggi said: “Among the suggestions contained in this program will have their milk and dairy products such as essential food for a balanced diet for a healthy growth of children and to cope with the risk of overweight and obesity, diseases that are unfortunately dangerously spreading among the smallest.”

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