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Milk Powder Maker Gets Organic Product Certification

05 February 2018

CHINA - Suvow Co Ltd, a Chinese milk powder provider affiliated with Reward Group, just gained registration for nine of its organic product formulas, according to the China Food and Drug Administration's website.

As required by China's Organic Product Certification Management Measures, organic products sold in the domestic market must be certified by the China Certification and Accreditation Administration.

The authorization of these formulas, which include three infant formula milk powder series, indicates Suvow is marching towards the organic field.

Organic milk powder now accounts for less than 10 percent of the milk powder market, equaling about 3 billion yuan ($470million).

That said, China's infant milk powder will experience rapid growth in the coming years due to the introduction of the two-child policy, and organic milk powder will have a share of profits from it, according to Qu Feng, CEO of Wyeth for Greater China.

Since the establishment of Reward Group in 1995, daily chemical products, food and tourism real estate have been the company's three major business segments.

In recent years, Reward Group accelerated its pace of internationalization, with its acquisition of PANROSA, Schaller 1802 and other cosmetic companies.

After Suvow gained its organic production certification, including corn, silage corn and guinea grass for three consecutive years, its other products, like dairy cattle, milk and whole milk powder,also have been certified recently.

By doing so, Suvow has achieved organic certification of the entire industrial chain from forage planting and dairy farming to milk powder production and processing. In the coming years, owning the whole organic industry chain will facilitate Suvow to occupy the organic market.

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