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Dairy Consumption Declining Among Iranians, Report Shows

22 July 2019

IRAN - The low rate of dairy consumption in Iran has always been one of the main concerns of the health ministry during recent years. However, the rate has decreased more after cutting the government subsidy on milk, which has led to an increase in milk price. Moreover, free-of-charge milk is no longer distributed in elementary schools.

Sepideh Dolati, an expert at the nutrition department of the health ministry, believes that this situation will lead to a rise in treatment costs of diseases caused by insufficient dairy consumption.

According to the food pyramid, all healthy people should consume two or three types of dairies including milk, yogurt, and cheese each day. The dairy is considered as the main source of calcium, which is essential for different parts of body, hormones, bones, and teeth, she explained.

According to a study done in the Iranian calendar year 1390 (March 2011-March 2012), Iranians consumed 190 ml, less than one glass of milk, of dairy per day, she lamented.

“Note that the recommended use of milk per day is minimum 250 grams to maximum 450 grams,” she explained.

According to global statistics in 2016, the per capita dairy consumption in Iran was 27 liters while the figure was 125 liters in Ireland and 120 liters in Finland, she added.

“Dairy products are necessary for all age groups and their omission leads to different diseases like cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.”

With increasing prices of dairy products during recent years, some Iranian families have to consume dairies weekly or even monthly, she said, adding, about 90 percent of Iranians do not receive an adequate amount of calcium daily.

People of different age groups need different amounts of calcium each day, she said.

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Source: Tehran Times

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