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Murang'a Farmers Milking Profits as Others Decry Falling Milk Prices

21 November 2019

KENYA - Even as dairy farmers across the country decry the decreased milk prices, Murang'a farmers are smiling all the way to the banks thanks to the milk policy and initiatives by the devolved unit which stabilized milk prices at Sh35.

The devolved unit led by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria united all the dairy farmers in 50 dairy societies and formed an umbrella cooperative before purchasing 50 milk coolers for each society. It also introduced a milk collecting system to ensure that the product is transported to umbrella Cooperative creamery based at Maragua which has now started processing the milk.


According to the governor, the milk project was his main agenda when he sought votes in 2013 and had promised to introduce a policy framework that would protect the farmers from unscrupulous brokers who had taken advantage of the dairy sector to milk money from the dairy farmers.

He said his administration bought 35 coolers for each ward, a move that attracted more farmers to join the sector forcing the county government to add 15 more coolers to the dairy societies.

"My administration invested in Sh500 million to buy and install the 50 milk coolers to the already formed cooperatives to establish a working supply chain to the milk sector, we then assisted the farmers transport their product to the respective companies to reduce the cost of production since we had not constructed a processing plant but we made it clear to the companies that our milk would be bought at a steady price of Sh35," the governor said.

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