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New study suggests that Poland could achieve climate neutrality by 2056

20 August 2020

A new study from the Polish Economic Institute shows that Poland could become carbon neutral by 2056.

Reuters reports that Poland is the only EU country that did not pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2056. However, a study from the Polish Economic Institute (PEI) shows that the country could achieve that goal without making a formal pledge.

Currently, Poland generates almost 80 percent of its electricity from burning coal. The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party says that it needs more time and significant funding to switch to a zero-emissions economy.

That goal also faces a strong opposition from powerful coal mining trade unions, whose leaders deny global warming and have recently blocked a plan to close more mines as part of an industry restructuring.

Analysts at the PEI said Poland could achieve climate neutrality by 2056, according to calculations based on the Energy Transition Index of the World Economic Forum and the assumed years of decarbonisation in other EU states.

In a negative scenario, Poland could become climate neutral in 2067, the PEI added.

Poland plans to reduce the share of coal in power production to 56-60 percent in 2030. It sees gas as a transition fuel that will help it secure stable power supplies before it builds planned offshore wind farms and a nuclear power station.

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Source: Reuters


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