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'21 Survey: For almost all French people, eating everything is an ideal diet

28 July 2021

INTERBEV commissioned IPSOS to conduct a new study to question the French on their eating habits.

According to this study carried out at the beginning of April 2021, the meal is today more than before, a moment of sharing and conviviality for the French (72%) and a source of pleasure to which they are very attached (66%) . Effects of the current health context, these results have increased by +7 points since 2019. Eating balanced (50%), consuming a variety of products (41%), of quality (44%) and in a responsible manner (43%) remain values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the respondents wish to pass on to future generations.

Asked about their knowledge of flexitarianism, two thirds of French people say they have heard of it, a sharp increase compared to two years ago (+28 points), and one third say they know precisely what it is. Of those who have heard of flexitarianism, 59% (+17 points since 2019) define flexitarian as someone who eats everything, including meat and fish, in reasonable amounts and caring about how they are produced , in short, the omnivore of the 21st century described by INTERBEV.

Proof of this adherence to flexitarianism put forward in the collective campaign, for almost all French people, eating everything is an ideal diet (91%) and it is important to eat meat for a balanced diet for a very large majority (85%), especially in a reasonable way.

On a day-to-day basis, the majority of those questioned declared that they were careful about what they eat, and wanted to have fun (95%) by favoring both quality and variety (92%).

These food preferences of the French, revealed by this study, are at the heart of the new advertising film “Love meat, eat better. "Signed" Naturally Flexitarians. ".

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