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Dutch government initiates strategy to reduce nitrogen emissions

23 June 2022

Emission reductions need to reach between 12 and 70%

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN report this week reported on the Dutch government's new national program to reduce nitrogen greenhouse gas emissions in rural areas.

Dutch Minister for Nitrogen and Nature Policy Christianne van der Wal presented a plan laying out the objectives for Dutch nitrogen greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. The plan included both national and area-specific objectives. The Dutch Provinces are responsible for developing corresponding measures to reach the nitrogen emission reductions between 12 and 70%, depending on the area.

Farmers in some provinces will be particularly hard hit by the area-oriented approach, and the Dutch government acknowledged 'there is not a future for all Dutch farmers within this approach.'

Small protests have already followed the announcement, with a larger farmer protest set for 22 June 2022 in the Province of Gelderland.


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