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09 December 2019
Dairy Farmers Cautioned Against Antibiotics
RWANDA - Antibiotic residues in milk are threatening its quality and that of other dairy products as well as income of farmers who have spent resources on its production, actors in the dairy sector have said....
29 November 2019
All Dairy Plants to Have Quality Testing Units from 1 January
INDIA - The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has ordered milk companies to set up a systematic milk sample testing system in their dairy plants. The move comes after a recent survey revealed the presence of carcinogen and other toxic substances...
13 November 2019
Waste Reduction Tech, Meat Alternatives and Yield Optimisation at FoodBytes! London 2019
15 revolutionary startups took to the stage to pitch ground-breaking, sustainable solutions for the food and agriculture (F&A) industry at FoodBytes! by Rabobank. ...
22 October 2019
Best by, sell by and use by — what do they mean?
Spoiled milk? Your nose knows better than your eyes....
06 September 2019
Resistance Can Spread Even Without Use of Antibiotics
SWITZERLAND - Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to common antibiotics. Often, resistance is mediated by resistance genes, which can simply jump from one bacterial population to the next....
20 August 2019
Experts Call for End to Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock
AUSTRALIA - The country's experts are calling for cutting down the amounts of antibiotics being given to animals in an attempt to help address antibiotic resistance in humans....
16 August 2019
Tay Ninh to Get Safe Dairy Cow Breeding Area
VIETNAM - The Department of Animal Health, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) and the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on Wednesday agreed to...
26 July 2019
Feed Potatoes Get Timely Boost
SCOTLAND, UK - NFU Scotland has welcomed the decision by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to lift the ban on feeding crop treated with maleic hydrazide (MH) to livestock....
17 July 2019
Govt Investing in Dairy Research Cluster
CANADA - The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, yesterday announced an investment of $11.4 million to the Dairy Research Cluster, led by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. With investment from the industry, the total investment...
16 July 2019
HC Bars Unauthorised Sale, Administration of Antibiotics to Cattle
BANGLADESH - The High Court has banned the sale antibiotics for cattle and its administration without a prescription from a veterinarian....
09 July 2019
Azerbaijan to Increase Control Over Food Safety of Meat, Dairy Products
AZERBAIJAN - Azerbaijan will strengthen the system of food safety control over the production and import of meat and dairy products, Chairman of Azerbaijan's Food Safety Agency Goshgar Tahmazli told reporters, Trend reports....
04 July 2019
Milk, Dairy Products can Help Prevent Chronic Disease
SPAIN - An adequate consumption of milk and dairy products at different life stages can help prevent various chronic diseases....
25 June 2019
Ireland’s Bovine TB Eradication Programme Advanced by Diagnostics
In the 1950s, Ireland set out to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bTB). Today, they have a very successful bTB eradication programme in place that dramatically reduced production losses, maintained their export status and has helped their beef and dairy...
24 June 2019
Antibiotic Resistance in Spore-forming Probiotic Bacteria
US - New research has found that six probiotic "Bacillus" strains are resistant to several antibiotics....
12 June 2019
More Research Required on New Pathogens in Beef, Cow's Milk Products
GERMANY - According to the DKFZ, research has been carried out on cow's milk, cow's milk products and the blood serum of healthy cattle....
06 June 2019
Food Freshness Sensors Could Replace 'Use-by' Dates to Cut Food Waste
UK - Researchers say new sensors could help detect spoilage and reduce food waste for supermarkets and consumers....
22 May 2019
Dubai Denies Claims of Cattle Being Injected with Milk-inducing Hormones
UAE - Dubai Municipality has denied claims that cattle are injected with milk-inducing growth hormones in order to produce more products for dairy brands Al Marai, Nadec, and Al Safi, which it said are imported from Saudi Arabia....
08 May 2019
Sensor can Detect Spoiled Milk Before Opening
US - Expiration dates on milk could eventually become a thing of the past with new sensor technology from Washington State University scientists....
03 May 2019
Food Safety Issues Carry Increasingly High Risks for Suppliers
GLOBAL - The financial risks and costs associated with food safety are increasing and food suppliers will face continued increases in food safety costs over the coming years....
02 May 2019
Report Calls for Urgent Action to Avert AMR Crisis
GLOBAL - Early this week, UN, international agencies and experts released a groundbreaking report demanding immediate, coordinated and ambitious action to avert a potentially disastrous drug-resistance crisis....
01 May 2019
Food Packaging Claims Mislead Consumers with Ideas of Health
GLOBAL - Researchers have found that the type of healthy claims on certain food products can be completely uncorrelated with actual nutritional quality. ...
07 March 2019
Healthier Dairy Products with Bacterial Films, Nanofiber Membranes
US - Bacterial biofilms are typically the target of heavy-duty cleaning regimens, but these films aren't always bad news. In fact, growing them on thin sheets of nanofibers is a great way to produce a fermented milk product that can deliver hardy probiotics...
27 February 2019
Zoonoses: Antimicrobial Resistance Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
EU - Data released yesterday by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveal that antimicrobials used to treat diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans, such as campylobacteriosis...
18 January 2019
Cargill to Grow Pakistan Business
PAKISTAN - Cargill renewed its long standing commitment to Pakistan by announcing plans to invest more than US$200 million in the next three-to-five years....
14 January 2019
Imitation Dairy Products to be Sold Only in Individual Packages
Today's imitation dairy products in the country will only be sold at designated store shelves, and only in individual packages. ...
09 January 2019
Antibiotic resistance: what is animal agriculture's role?
Dr Scott McDougall, professor at Massey University and research veterinarian at a private veterinary practice in New Zealand, spoke at the international meeting for the National Mastitis Council about the growing concern of resistance stemming from the...
24 December 2018
Red Tractor to Roll Out New Inspection Regime to Dairy Sector
UK - Poor performing farms are to receive unannounced inspections in a move to increase consumer confidence in Red Tractor logo....
11 December 2018
Dairy UK, PTF Launch New Codes of Practice to Safeguard Cheese, Cream Standards
UK - Dairy UK and the Provision Trade Federation (PTF) have launched two new industry Codes of Practice on compositional standards for cheeses and creams....
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