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02 October 2020
MSD launches single dose vials for calf pneumonia vaccine
MSD Animal Health has made Bovilis Intranasal RSP, its early life intranasal calf pneumonia vaccine, available in single dose vials to give users greater flexibility in vaccinating individual animals. ...
01 October 2020
UK cattle show increased gutworm infection but low liver fluke exposure
New parasite tracker from Boehringer highlights high gutworm but low liver fluke exposure in cattle this grazing season. ...
22 September 2020
Mycoplasma bovis vaccine proves successful
Vaccinating calves against Mycoplasma bovis significantly reduces post-weaning mortality and antibiotic use, according to results from an independent farm-based trial....
18 September 2020
Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut tests susceptibility of cattle to COVID-19
The origin and transmission routes of SARS-CoV-2 have not yet been fully elucidated scientifically. To better understand the potential role of farm animals in the corona pandemic, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) on the island of Riems conducts...
16 September 2020
Experts discuss risk factors and treatment options for pre-weaning pneumonia
When talking to ranchers about cattle health concerns in the summer, fly control and pinkeye will often come to mind, but one condition that can lead to calf death is pre-weaning pneumonia....
15 September 2020
Animal AgTech Innovation Summit: Collaboration to Create Innovative Welfare Technologies with McDonald’s
Banks Baker, Manager of Animal Welfare and Agriculture with McDonald’s Supply Chain and Sustainability team, spoke Monday as part of a fireside chat about collaboration across the broiler supply chain regarding innovative animal welfare technologies...
28 August 2020
Animal AgTech Innovation Summit Preview: What’s Next for Protein Markets with Nutreco Executive
Laurent Genet, Chief Strategy Officer with Nutreco, will be speaking as part of a panel discussion about Accelerating Innovation in Aquaculture at the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit event to be held September 14, 2020. ...
19 August 2020
Moredun and Orkney Livestock Association announce an important partnership
Orkney Livestock Association (OLA) have signed up to partner Moredun to give their members access to research outputs, knowledge, skills and expertise generated at Moredun, which are targeted to improve animal health and welfare and increase the sustainable...
18 August 2020
New study reveals the true cost of worms to UK cattle farmers
A study published in the journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine estimates that UK livestock farmers lose £270 million each year due to parasitic worm infections. ...
17 August 2020
COVID-19: animal disease detectives being trained across SE Asia, Pacific
Project work in 11 countries funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will aim to prevent spread of zoonotic and animal diseases. Associate Professor Navneet Dhand from Veterinary Science leads the multi-agency program.q...
13 August 2020
When it comes to calcium salt fat supplements, size matters
Research by Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients at the National University of Singapore indicates that granule size has a major impact on the degree of rumen-protection of fat supplements....
05 August 2020
Indonesian researchers visit rural Queensland to learn best-practices, see how Australian dairy farmers operate
Indonesian researchers recently visited rural Queensland to learn industry best-practice and see first-hand how Australian dairy farmers operate....
29 July 2020
UK vets turn to behavioural science to curb bovine TB
A new report issued by the British Veterinary Association sets out a new approach to tackle bovine TB. ...
27 July 2020
Vets in Ethiopia remove 50 kg of plastic from cow’s stomach
After three hours of surgery, a team of six vets have removed 50 kg of plastic from a cow....
20 July 2020
New initiative unifies veterinary approach to sustainability
A group of UK vets has launched the world’s first organisation dedicated to supporting veterinary professionals and vet led teams in being a leading force for sustainability....
17 July 2020
Rest: The overlooked requirement
The modern dairy cow produces a large quantity of milk, which equates to high energy requirements. ...
13 July 2020
Will feeding silage to lactating cows give my calves scours?
Many cow-calf producers in Nebraska have become accustomed to using distillers grains as a source of both protein and energy to help meet the nutritional needs of lactating cows from calving until green grass is available, writes Dave Ostdiek University...
09 July 2020
Control to Crypto: new animation from Moredun Institute
The Moredun Institute has created a new informative animation on how to effectively manage and control cryptosporidium on-farm. ...
08 July 2020
Pirbright: pooled milk can be used for FMD surveillance
A case study undertaken by scientists at The Pirbright Institute is the first to confirm that milk obtained from in-line milk samplers on a large-scale dairy farm can be used to detect circulating foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in cattle....
24 June 2020
New rapid Actiphage test for Johne's disease and bovine TB makes progress
Funding supports research and development of new test for hard-to-detect mycobacterial diseases. ...
22 June 2020
Where is animal microbiome research headed?
Mike Kogut, research microbiologist with USDA, talked to researchers about the future of the animal microbiome recently at the Animal Microbiome and Nutritional Health Congress in Chicago....
21 June 2020
Irish farmers critical of changes to bovine TB programme
The Irish Farmers Association Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell is critical of the Department of Agriculture’s changes in Ireland’s TB Eradication Programme....
17 June 2020
OIE updates disease status and control programmes for members
Fifteen new disease status have been granted to OIE Members and an official disease control programme has been endorsed....
14 June 2020
New guidance available from COWS: Integrated parasite control on cattle farms
The Control of Worms Sustainably in cattle (COWS) group has published the final chapter in its updated Guide, bringing together key technical messages from other new chapters on roundworms, lungworm, liver and rumen fluke and ectoparasites....
13 June 2020
10 June 2020
Vaccine reduces mycoplasma and calf mortality
A Scottish farm has significantly reduced incidences of mycoplasma and calf mortality by using a new mycoplasma bovis vaccine....
09 June 2020
DCHA webinar "Raising the Bar on Passive Transfer" is open for registration
The upcoming DCHA webinar, "Raising the Bar on Passive Transfer" will take place on Thursday 18 June at 1pm Central time. ...
New VetTech service to cut hassle and drive farm animal health
Willows Vet Group have launched a VetTech service to support with essential tasks to improve animal health, welfare and productivity on-farm....
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