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07 April 2020
Take sustainable approach to worming youngstock
Cattle farmers should ensure their treatment for roundworms is sustainable. ...
05 April 2020
Free remote Ration Performance Monitoring service now open to all
Alltech and Keenan have announced the launch of a new InTouch service that allows UK dairy and beef farmer to benefit from independent nutritional advice and support, free of charge for the next three months....
31 March 2020
Getting the most benefit from palm fat supplements
Emerging research has demonstrated that using coated folic acid along with palm fat powder in cattle feed can boost growth performance and rumen health without causing negative side effects....
27 March 2020
Argentina mulls port closures, signalling potential pressure on grain used in cattle feed
Argentine grains port workers have requested that exports be suspended during the pandemic....
20 March 2020
Changing trends and farmer perceptions for feed additives
Devan Paulus Compart, ruminant feed additive researcher at Land O'Lakes, shared trends in the feed additive industry and described how to best use research to change farmer perceptions of the industry at the Livestock Microbiome & Nutritional Health Congress...
16 March 2020
Dairy farmers laud President on VAT exemption for animal feed
NIGERIA - Farmers in the dairy sector - under the auspices of Commercial Dairy Ranches Association of Nigeria (CODARAN) - have backed President Muhammadu Buhari on his request to the National Assembly to exempt animal feed from the list of items that...
15 March 2020
Non-pharma solutions to scours are effective and more sustainable
Thanks to education and development of new products, tremendous strides have been made in reducing the severity and number of calves lost due to the main causes of calf scours....
13 March 2020
Royal De Heus strengthens its position in Brazil by acquiring Cerrado Nutrição Animal
Royal De Heus signed an agreement acquiring Brazilian cattle nutrition company Cerrado Nutrição Animal....
12 March 2020
Study reveals beef, dairy production depleting water supply
US - A study by Northern Arizona University has set out to assess river flow depletion across the US, identify the factors driving this depletion and evaluate options to reduce vulnerability to water shortages. The researchers estimate that two-thirds...
Common feed ingredient tested safe in bulls
US - Cattle feeders choose distillers grains in feedlot diets as an inexpensive alternative to corn and soybean meal. But until now, no one had studied the effects of the common feed ingredient on bull development and fertility. With bull fertility to...
06 March 2020
05 March 2020
New advancements for young animal nutrition on display in Amsterdam
The Young Animal Nutrition Summit was held on 3 to 4 March in Amsterdam...
17 February 2020
Regenerative farming – how farmers can make the transition
In this podcast, ffinlo Costain explores how farmers can embrace regenerative agriculture to ensure long-term productivity, profitability and ecosystem biodiversity....
New study suggests that cows fed on spent grain release less methane
Emerging research from Belgium indicates that cows fed spent grains produced while brewing beer produce 13 percent less methane....
13 February 2020
Pea Instead of Soy in Animal Feed
GERMANY - By far the largest proportion of soybeans grown worldwide is used for animal feed. This is particularly problematic because soybean cultivation inflicts massive environmental damage on supplier countries. ...
31 January 2020
Verified Grass Fed Standard Must Deliver for Farmers, Says IFA
IRELAND - IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Tom Phelan said that the 'Grass Fed standard' developed by Bord Bia should only be considered by processors for certain products, if it’s guaranteed to deliver an extra margin in a particular market place....
24 January 2020
Chinese Tariff Rate Quota Policy Severely Impacts US Wheat Exports
CHINA - The US and China recently agreed to a phase one trade deal that aims to resolve the current trade war between the two countries. But that is just the latest development in longstanding and complicated US-Chinese trade disputes....
04 December 2019
US Grain Elevators Facing Tighter Margins, Revenue Pressures in 2020
Grain elevators face significant challenges in the year ahead as they buy basis on corn, soybeans, and wheat at the highest levels seen in years. ...
21 November 2019
Multiple Benefits of Clay as Feed Supplement in Dairy Cattle
US - Dairy producers frequently add clay as a feed supplement to reduce the symptoms of aflatoxin and subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) in lactating cows. In a new study from the University of Illinois, researchers show that clay can also improve the degradability...
14 November 2019
Keep a Close Eye on Pregnant Heifers on Wheat Pasture
Wise use of wheat pasture can help Oklahoma producers ensure livestock nutritional needs are met during potentially stressful weather conditions heading into January and February. ...
08 November 2019
Winter Feeding Cost Comparison – Hay vs. Alternative Feeds
Fall has arrived, and focus has shifted to winter feed supplies. ...
07 November 2019
RaboResearch: Expect Continued Pressure on Corn, Soy, Wheat Prices
The US trade dispute with China and African swine fever are predicted to weigh down soybean price by up to $2.50 per bushel, says RaboResearch. ...
29 October 2019
Tropical Grass Genetic Breakthrough Helps Develop Climate-friendly Cattle Farms
The discovery of genes responsible for asexual reproduction in a tropical grass may reduce the environmental impacts of cattle farming. ...
17 October 2019
Fall Calving May Yield Higher Returns, Risk and Profitability Evaluated
The vast majority of cow-calf producers in Tennessee and the Southeast using a defined calving season have long favored spring calving; however, researchers at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) have evaluated the risk and returns...
16 October 2019
A Look at Feeding Strategies During Challenging Times
Difficult economics in the dairy industry now and in recent years have herd owners and their advisors working to find opportunities to increase margins and/or cut costs, writes Tom Overton and Larry Chase, Department of Animal Science and PRO-DAIRY at...
11 October 2019
The Five Freedoms: A history lesson in animal care and welfare
The Five Freedoms have been the basis of animal welfare since the 1960s. Learn about what they are and why they have endured, writes Melissa Elischer, Michigan State University Extension...
03 October 2019
Pricing silage, earlage, snaplage from immature corn
Delayed planting, lack of growing degree-days, drought, hail or insect damage, or early frost can all result in immature corn at harvest....
01 October 2019
Spring Australian pasture into action
With continuing tough seasonal conditions forecast for the southern livestock production zone, producers are urged to focus on spring pasture management....
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