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30 July 2022
Vaccination should do no harm
Every marathon starts with running the first mile. ...
13 May 2022
Newborn dairy calves fed probiotics healthier in crucial first weeks - research
Supplements containing beneficial gut bacteria could boost calf health...
02 August 2021
Promising vaccine development to control Johne’s Disease
Johne’s disease is a chronic enteritis associated with ruminants caused by the intracellular pathogen Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP). ...
01 June 2021
RSPCA Australia publishes new welfare standards for dairy calves
The release of the RSPCA’s revised animal welfare Standard for dairy calves means forward-thinking brands and producers have an opportunity to be the first to offer RSPCA Approved veal or beef to the Australian market....
05 February 2021
Changes to cleaning practices could improve calve health on GB dairy farms, according to new research
A new study looking at colostrum hygiene on British dairy farms has shown that by making a few simple changes to cleaning protocols, farmers could significantly minimise the risk of disease in calves....
19 December 2020
UK researchers are seeking views on calves with bovine respiratory disease
Researchers at Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) are seeking views from farmers and vets to develop a new quality-of-life tool for cattle. ...
02 October 2020
MSD launches single dose vials for calf pneumonia vaccine
MSD Animal Health has made Bovilis Intranasal RSP, its early life intranasal calf pneumonia vaccine, available in single dose vials to give users greater flexibility in vaccinating individual animals. ...
06 September 2020
Detect coccidiosis before it causes scour in autumn calves
Detecting and treating coccidiosis in beef calves before it causes scour can avoid damage to the gut and prevent ongoing impacts to performance, including reduced weaning weights....
13 July 2020
Will feeding silage to lactating cows give my calves scours?
Many cow-calf producers in Nebraska have become accustomed to using distillers grains as a source of both protein and energy to help meet the nutritional needs of lactating cows from calving until green grass is available, writes Dave Ostdiek University...
09 July 2020
Control to Crypto: new animation from Moredun Institute
The Moredun Institute has created a new informative animation on how to effectively manage and control cryptosporidium on-farm. ...
10 June 2020
Vaccine reduces mycoplasma and calf mortality
A Scottish farm has significantly reduced incidences of mycoplasma and calf mortality by using a new mycoplasma bovis vaccine....
09 June 2020
DCHA webinar "Raising the Bar on Passive Transfer" is open for registration
The upcoming DCHA webinar, "Raising the Bar on Passive Transfer" will take place on Thursday 18 June at 1pm Central time. ...
19 May 2020
How to transport calves without trouble
The transported calf is subject to a series of stresses, stresses that would even greatly challenge a mature immune system....
08 May 2020
Zoetis shows suckling calves with significant weight gain from implants
Recent studies of implant use in suckling calves revealed promising results for weight gain through the feedlot phase compared with non-implanted cattle....
03 May 2020
Cryptosporidiosis in calves leads to longer term production losses
A disease in calves caused by the protozoan parasite Cryptosporidium parvum, has been shown to result in significant longer term weight loss and appreciable economic impact for farmers, highlighting the importance of developing a vaccine....
19 April 2020
Calf stress at weaning could affect future production
There are two times in a dairy cow’s life that can be critical to maximising future milk production. One, as most of us know, is the transition period around calving. The other, which may be more surprising, is the weaning period way back when the cow...
10 April 2020
Increased risk of cocci in calves around turnout
Coccidiosis causing oocysts can build up during the housed period, increasing the risk of both beef and dairy calves contracting the disease as spring progresses....
28 March 2020
DCHA webinar"Electrolyte Therapy for Calves" now open
The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association is hosting a webinar with Geof Smith from NC State on 16 April....
21 March 2020
How to address dystocia in calves
Health concerns and the road to success for dystocia calves....
15 March 2020
Non-pharma solutions to scours are effective and more sustainable
Thanks to education and development of new products, tremendous strides have been made in reducing the severity and number of calves lost due to the main causes of calf scours....
14 February 2020
Magnesium boost could reduce slow calving risk
Farmers are being advised to increase the level of magnesium in minerals given to suckler cows before calving after new research found they absorb less than previously thought....
12 February 2020
Second EVP opens enrolment for cow-calf practitioners
The University of Illinois, in collaboration with Iowa State University, is accepting registrations for the Executive Veterinary Programme (EVP) in Beef Cattle Health Management....
21 October 2019
New online tool to manage biosecurity risks for dairy farmers
Dairy farmers now have access to a new online tool to build their skills and adapt their management approach to biosecurity risks....
17 October 2019
Fall Calving May Yield Higher Returns, Risk and Profitability Evaluated
The vast majority of cow-calf producers in Tennessee and the Southeast using a defined calving season have long favored spring calving; however, researchers at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) have evaluated the risk and returns...
28 November 2018
Mycoplasma Mastitis Huge Threat in UK & EU
Mycoplasma bovis is an ongoing threat to dairy and beef herds in the UK and Europe, infecting cows not only with mastitis, but manifesting itself in joints or the middle ear and also infecting calves, according to Colin Lindsay, practicing veterinarian,...
13 August 2018
Time for Dairies to Switch from Blanket Dry Cow Therapy To Selective Therapy?
Dairies in the Netherlands are required by law to use selective dry cow therapy. The idea was to reduce antibiotic use, however, the industry has been surprised by the unexpected benefits they've experienced on-farm. ...
11 October 2017
GenoTube Offers Extended Life for Diagnostic Samples
ANALYSIS - Looking for a better way to collect and deliver diagnostic samples to the laboratory? Thermo Fisher Scientific's GenoTube is a non-invasive nasal swab for collection of DNA or RNA from animals. ...
26 April 2017
Allflex Promotes Chuck Rogers to Northwest Regional Manager
US - Allflex USA, part of the Allflex Group, global leader in animal identification and traceability systems, today announced the promotion of Chuck Rogers to Northwest Regional Manager. ...
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