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09 December 2011
View news from Italy Italy Welcomes Milk Package PDO
ITALY - Under the EU Milk Package Proposal, member states have the option of introducing a supply management system to improve the market for cheeses registered under a protected designation of origin (PDO) or protected geographical indication (PGI)....
21 October 2011
View news from Italy World Dairy Summit: A More Sustainable Sector
ITALY - The worldwide dairy sector highlighted their collaborative results in reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the reporting session of the Global Dairy Agenda for Action on Climate Change (GDAA) at the IDF World Dairy Summit, Parma,...
19 October 2011
View news from Italy World Dairy Summit: Animal Feeding Systems
ITALY - A world map of animal feeding systems was presented at the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Parma, Italy, 18 October 2011....
07 October 2011
View news from Italy OIE: New Outbreaks Of Anthrax In Italy
ITALY - There have been six further outbreaks of anthrax, reported in the regions of Basilicata and Campania....
23 September 2011
View news from Italy Ten More Anthrax Outbreaks Reported In Italy
ITALY - There have been 10 further outbreaks of anthrax, all in the same region of Basilicata....
13 September 2011
View news from Italy OIE: Anthrax Outbreak Reported
ITALY - An outbreak of Anthrax has been reported to the OIE by Dr Romano Marabelli, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department for Veterinary Public Health, Nutrition and Food Safety, Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy....
07 September 2011
View news from Italy Granarolo Acquires Dairy Giant, Lat Bri
ITALY - One of the most important agro-industrial groups in Italy, Granarolo has increased its presence in the dairy products industry through the acquisition of the third largest producer of fresh cheeses in Italy, Lat Bri....
27 July 2011
View news from Italy Conference To Discuss Dairy Industry Challenges
ITALY - A conference which focuses on the growth, sustainability and challenges of the global dairy production and trade industry, will be held by the International Dairy Federation later this year....
18 July 2011
View news from Italy Lactalis Secures Majority Stake in Parmalat
ITALY - The French dairy group Lactalis has secured 83.3 per cent of the Italian dairy company Parmalat Spa following a buyout that was completed on 8 July....
13 June 2011
View news from Italy Mixed Picture For Future Production
ITALY - Prospects for poultry, wheat and maize production to 2015 are expected to be above-average, according to a new market report, while conditions should improve for the country's dairy farmers. ...
08 February 2011
View news from Italy Italien Milk Production Remains Stable
ITALY - The produced milk volume in Italy remains stable compared to previous years, whilst it is expeted that the prices will remain unchanged until March 2011, says Sara Abelini, APL (Milk Producers Association). ...
13 October 2010
View news from Italy Improving Governance Of Global Food Security
ITALY - A five-day high-level intergovernmental meeting of the newly reformed Committee on World Food Security (CFS) opened earlier this week. The meeting takes place against a background of recent increases in international food prices which pose additional...
09 July 2010
View news from Italy Milk Prices Begin To Rise
ITALY - Milk prices in Italy have remained low over recent months, which has meant that production has remained stable. Recent recommendations from the EU High Level Expert Group are expected to help the industry. ...
21 July 2009
View news from Italy Italian Innovation Keeps Cows Cool
ITALY - Italian farmers are installing fans and cold showers for dairy cattle in a bid to keep milk production up during a current heat wave, farmers' organisation Coldiretti said Friday....
16 April 2009
View news from Italy Final Ruling on Italian Milk Quota Fraud
ITALY - In a landmark judgement, the Italian Supreme Court has confirmed a decision of a national Court concerning the evasion of extra levies in the milk quota payment scheme. ...
06 March 2009
View news from Italy Mad Cow's Path to Brain Discovered
ITALY - An Italian researcher said she's figured out how the human mad cow disease travels from the stomach to the brain....
06 February 2009
View news from Italy Italy Milks Additional Quotas
ITALY - Italian Minister of Agriculture Luca Zaia has obtained an additional 620,000 tons in milk production from the EU Agriculture Council of Ministers, which will result in increased production revenues and minimal overproduction fines. ...
20 November 2008
View news from Italy FAO: Appeal for New World Agricultural Order
ROME - FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf yesterday (20 November) appealed to world leaders to meet together next year to design a new agricultural order and find $30 billion a year to eradicate hunger from the Earth once and for all. ...
06 June 2008
View news from Italy Food Summit Calls Out for More Ag Investment
ROME, ITALY – The Summit on soaring food prices, convened by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has concluded with the adoption by acclamation of a declaration calling on the international community to increase assistance for developing...
20 November 2007
View news from Italy "New Agriculture” Needs New FAO
ROME - Agriculture will play a crucial role in the key issues facing humanity this century, FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf said today. “I should like to see the new agriculture aligned with a new FAO”. ...
05 July 2007
View news from Italy Growing bio-fuel demand underpinning higher agriculture prices
ROME - Increased demand for bio-fuels is causing fundamental changes to agricultural markets that could drive up world prices for many farm products, according to a new report published by the OECD and FAO. ...
04 April 2007
View news from Italy Foot And Mouth Under Control In North Korea
NORTH KOREA – The recent outbreak of the highly contagious Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was probably a single case and appears to be under control, FAO and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) said today...
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