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08 November 2012
View news from Sweden Lottery Inspectorate Believes Milk Campaign is Illegal
SWEDEN- The Lottery initiative 'Sweden Cow', set up to support the county's dairy farmers, has been labelled illegal. ...
13 March 2012
View news from Sweden Flaxseed Diets to Reduce GHG Emissions
SWEDEN - Adding flaxseed (linseed) to a cows diet will reduce cows' methane gas emissions, whilst increasing the levels of omega–3 in the milk, according to a study by dairy company, Skånemejerier, which was carried out on five Swedish dairy farms....
17 January 2012
View news from Sweden Skånemejerier To Be Sold To Lactalis
SWEDEN - Discussions are ongoing between Swedish dairy firm, Skånemejerier and French dairy, Lactalis regarding a buy out. ...
16 September 2011
View news from Sweden Decline In Profitability For Dairy Farmers
SWEDEN - Imbalances in the dairy market have resulted in lower sales prices. With large differences in both milk income and feed costs, milk companies have had a profitability decrease over the last few months, shows the Swedish Dairy Milk Economy Report....
05 September 2011
View news from Sweden Increased Profitability With Good Animal Health
SWEDEN - The well-being of calves lays the foundation for profitable dairy businesses and create opportunities for growth in milk of Sweden. This is the main theme of the Swedish Dairy Animal Health and Feeding Conference, which will be held in Karlstad....
27 July 2011
View news from Sweden 19 Cattle Die Of Anthrax
SWEDEN - A case of Anthrax has been found at a farm near Hammar in Sweden. ...
20 June 2011
View news from Sweden Arla in Merger Talks with Milko
SWEDEN - Swedish dairy companies Arla Foods and Milko have announced that they are in discussions over the terms of a merger in a move taken as a result of Milko’s deteriorating financial position, according to John Keane, Manager, Bord Bia Milan. ...
10 June 2011
View news from Sweden Arla And Milko Discuss Merger
SWEDEN - Arla has announced a proposed merger with Milko, as the result of the latter's critical financial situation. ...
09 June 2011
View news from Sweden Common Pathogens In Sub-Clinical Mastitis Revealed
SWEDEN - Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci were the most frequently isolated pathogens in a survey of the microbial aetiology of sub-clinical mastitis in cows on dairy farms....
26 January 2011
View news from Sweden Climate Tax on Meat and Milk to Cut GHG
SWEDEN - A climate tax corresponding to €60/ton CO2eq on meat and milk could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from European agriculture by around seven per cent. If the land made available is used for bioenergy production, the decrease in emissions can...
27 October 2010
View news from Sweden Sweden Carries Out Simulation Exercise
SWEDEN - Dr Leif Denneberg, Chief Veterinary Officer, Swedish Board of Agriculture, has informed the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) that a simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will be carried out in Sweden from 22 to 29 October...
05 November 2009
View news from Sweden Full-Fat Milk Results in Lower BMI
SWEDEN - Eight-year-old children, who drink full-fat milk every day, have a lower BMI than those who seldom drink milk. This is not the case for children, who often drink medium-fat or low-fat milk. This is one conclusion of a thesis presented at the...
04 November 2009
View news from Sweden European Dairy Energy Award
SWEDEN - A Swedish dairy farmer is the proud winner of the first ever European Dairy Energy Award....
25 September 2008
View news from Sweden Outbreak Spreads South in Sweden
SWEDEN - Sweden’s outbreak of blue tongue disease continues to spread as animals in the Småland region of south central Sweden and neighbouring Skåne county to the south have now been diagnosed with the condition. ...
16 September 2008
View news from Sweden Bluetongue Disease Continues Spread in Sweden
SWEDEN - Authorities in western Sweden on Monday morning discovered the latest in a series of cases of animals infected with blue tongue disease at a farm in Halland....
12 September 2008
View news from Sweden Sweden Keeps Restrictions Unchanged After Second Bluetongue Case
STOCKHOLM - New finds of a livestock disease known as bluetongue do not give reason to extend current restrictions in south- western Sweden, Swedish authorities said Thursday. ...
08 September 2008
View news from Sweden Sweden to Take Measures to Prevent Disease
SWEDEN - The Swedish National Board of Agriculture decided Monday to inject bacterins for a half million livestock after the first bluetongue case. ...
12 June 2008
View news from Sweden More Dairy Output from Less Input
SWEDEN - A company has launched a new generation of customized aseptic production solutions, which they say enables dairy producers to achieve superior and consistent product quality, while reducing operating costs and minimizing their environmental impact....
05 December 2007
View news from Sweden Glowing Molecule Detects Prion Diseases
SWEDEN - An international team of researchers has developed a method of identifying prion and other defective-protein diseases using a fluorescent molecule that changes colour according to the disease present....
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