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31 March 2009
View news from Argentina Argentinean Cattle Herd Declines
ARGENTINA - The national Argentine cattle herd has dropped from 55 million to 52 million in the last year, as many breeding cows have been slaughtered along with large numbers of dairy cows....
26 March 2009
View news from Argentina Argentina Adopts Fixed Time AI Technology
ARGENTINA - South American cattle producers have embraced fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI) technology enabling them to adopt cost-effective, large-scale artificial breeding programs achieving 50-55 per cent pregnancy rates....
24 February 2009
View news from Argentina Farmers Meet with Government Over Strike
ARGENTINA - Argentinean farmers have agreed to meet the government to dispute the current strike and boycott....
06 February 2009
View news from Argentina Argentina Changes FMD Vaccination Programme
ARGENTINA - The Argentine food safety and animal health authority, Senasa, is to change it foot and mouth disease vaccination plan for 2010....
19 January 2009
View news from Argentina Drought Decimates Argentinean Cattle Industry
ARGENTINA - Argentina's beef industry and wheat and corn production have been devastated by the country's most severe drought since 1961, which has also affected agriculture in neighboring Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil....
05 January 2009
View news from Argentina Cow Crime Crackdown: DNA Guides the Way
ARGENTINA - Cattle rustlers in Argentina may face a new threat to their illicit trade by proposals to use genetic tests to aid police investigations....
05 December 2008
View news from Argentina Dairy Worker Dies in Strike
ARGENTINA - One man was dead an 10 others injured, during an attack made by protesters against dairy workers protesting in Rosario on Wednesday. ...
03 December 2008
View news from Argentina Land of Lush Patures Turns to Feedlots
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Argentina's fame as a home for happy cows wandering the lush pastures of the Pampas is being challenged as an increasing number of cattle are being crowded into feedlots for the last months of their lives before being served...
28 November 2008
View news from Argentina Farmers Meet in Argentina
ARGENTINA - The members of the farm associations liaison committee, met with the vice president on Wednesday to analyze the situation in the farm sector. ...
07 November 2008
View news from Argentina Argentine Cow Clones May Help Boost Milk Output
ARGENTINA - Scientists in Arentina have been able to boost milk production by injecting cows with growth hormones derived from genetically modified clones....
06 October 2008
View news from Argentina Argentina Back on Strike
ARGENTINA - The farmers grain and cattle boycott of sales, began in earnest in Argentina on Friday morning, the FAA farmers association held roadside rallies, as part of the protest against the governments lack of response to their demands....
29 August 2008
View news from Argentina Argentinian Ranching Heritage Dwindles
ARGENTINA - Analysts are alarmed that Argentinian breeding cows are being sold for slaughter in the country's largest market, fearing that the move might see Argentinian ranchers disappear one day soon....
11 January 2008
View news from Argentina Dairy Farmers Aggrieved in Argentinia
ARGENTINA - The latest series of Argentinian protests by agricultural associations have been led by Dairy farmers, despite the record high prices for farm products....
17 December 2007
View news from Argentina Grants to Dairy and Pig Sectors
Argentina - The Argentine agriculture department is to pay out grants of more than 12 million pesos to the dairy, flour milling and pig sectors....
13 December 2007
View news from Argentina Argentina `Sacrifices' Cows Over Price Caps
ARGENTINA - Argentine farmers plan to "sacrifice" some dairy cows tomorrow to protest government price controls on milk in a challenge to newly elected President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. ...
09 October 2007
View news from Argentina Argentine Dairy Farms Tempted By Wheat and Soy
ARGENTINA - Farmers from Argentina’s dairy belt, one of the most productive in the world are considering converting into cereals and oil seeds given the low reference prices imposed by the Argentine government....
18 April 2007
View news from Argentina Argentine Cow Clones To Produce Insulin In Milk
ARGENTINA - Argentine scientists said on Tuesday they had created four cloned and genetically modified calves capable of producing human insulin in their milk, a step they said could cut the cost of treating diabetes. ...
08 March 2007
View news from Argentina Argentina strides ahead in the elimination of FAM
ARGENTINA - Argentina recovered this week its status of free from foot and mouth disease, FAM, with vaccination according to the country’s Agro-food sanitary office, Senasa. Argentina suffered a limited FAM outbreak a year ago in the northern province...
08 February 2007
View news from Argentina Argentina appoints new farming chief amid tensions
ARGENTINA - Argentina's farming sector broadly welcomed on Wednesday the government's decision to replace the agriculture secretary at a time of heightened tension between farmers and the administration. ...
31 January 2007
View news from Argentina Argentina on alert over foot-and-mouth disease
ARGENTINA - Argentina, the world's third-biggest beef exporter, said on Tuesday it was stepping up existing measures to prevent foot-and-mouth disease following an outbreak in neighboring Bolivia. ...
14 December 2006
View news from Argentina $135 million credit line to Argentina's Dairy Co-operative
ARGENTINA - Hugo Chávez' Government increased an initial offer to rescue Argentine dairy cooperative Sancor from USD 80 million to USD 135 million, Reuters reported. ...
11 December 2006
View news from Argentina Bongrain Form Partnership with Milkaut
ARGENTINA - The move results in the creation of Argentina’s third largest dairy group via the contribution of the whole range of dairy operations of its Argentinian subsidiary, Cabaña y Estancias Santa Rosa SA....
07 December 2006
View news from Argentina Argentina Farm Strike: Government Struggles To Keep Food Flowing
ARGENTINA - As Argentina’s farm strike entered its fourth day, the government was scrambling Wednesday to ensure domestic meat supplies, sending in cattle from the armed forces herds and calling for political allies with farms to ship all the cattle...
05 December 2006
View news from Argentina Argentina farming sector goes on strike
ARGENTINA - A large swath of Argentina's farming community was on strike Monday against government price controls on beef and other restrictions, with protesting farmers clamping down on the main supply of cattle to market. ...
09 October 2006
View news from Argentina Argentina to appeal Chilean safeguard tariff on dairy exports
ARGENTINA - Argentine dairy farmers will appeal the Chilean decision to impose a 23% safeguard tariff until next December on Argentine milk and cheese imports. Chilean farmers claim Argentina is involved in “disloyal competition” practices which have...
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