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03 November 2008
View news from Germany EUROTIER 2008: Solutions for Chinese Ag Sectors
GERMANY - Using its vast network of agricultural specialists in China, EuroTier organiser DLG has previewed the EuroTier 2008 exhibition on several occasions with the help of animal production experts from the poultry, pig, dairy and feed sectors. ...
View news from Germany EUROTIER: From Hoof Health to Cow Comfort
GERMANY - This year’s EuroTier has the largest and most comprehensive international dairy and cattle sector ever presenting a full range of the latest in equipment, feed and feed-ing systems, milking and housing solutions, animal health and management...
31 October 2008
View news from Germany Top Cattle Genetics at EUROTIER 2008
HANOVER, GERMANY - This year’s EuroTier exhibition features its largest-ever sector for international dairy and beef farmers backed by a full range of equipment, building and management presentations from all over the world. ...
23 October 2008
View news from Germany Vets and Farmers Meet at EUROTIER 2008
GERMANY - Sharing the Hanover exhibition grounds this year are one of the most important annual congresses for veterinarians, an associated veterinary medicine exhibition and an international animal health event. ...
21 October 2008
View news from Germany A Top Class Display of Exhibitors at EUROTIER 2008
GERMANY - Among the many attractions at EuroTier for the cattle, pig and poultry industries will be special exhibition areas for poultry and bioenergy. ...
20 October 2008
View news from Germany EUROTIER 2008 More International than Ever Before
GERMANY - The show is attracting more attention than before, with 715 companies from 45 countries taking exhibition space. ...
17 October 2008
View news from Germany EUROTIER 2008 is Coming Soon
GERMANY - EuroTier 2008, the world's largest exhibition for professional animal husbandry, will take place in the city of Hanover on 11-14 November 2008....
09 October 2008
View news from Germany CID LINES Celebrates Its 20th Year at Eurotier
HANOVER, GERMANY - This year CID LINES is celebrating its 20th anniversary at Eurotier. The company says that successful budget forecasts in the area of Research and Development has given the company a market edge for innovating new products....
18 September 2008
View news from Germany Data Doctor: Wireless Sensors Probe Health
GERMANY - Scientists have developed a new method of determining the health of cattle automatically, using a network of wireless sensors sending signals back to a central database. ...
14 August 2008
View news from Germany Record Booking for EUROTIER 2008
HANOVER, GERMANY - Almost 1,600 exhibitors from a total of 45 countries have already registered for EuroTier 2008, which will be held in Hanover. EuroTier Project Manager Dr. Karl Schlösser, reports that this represents a 30 percent increase compared...
14 July 2008
View news from Germany Experiment Infects Cattle with H5N1
GERMANY - In a recent experiment scientists showed that the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, H5N1, has the potential to infect baby calves....
04 June 2008
View news from Germany German Regulator Investigates German Dairy Farmers on Halted Deliveries
GERMANY - Germany's Federal Cartel Office is investigating the Federal German Association of Dairy Cattle Farmers after the association initiated a halt of deliveries to factories, hampering the production of milk and dairy products in the country. ...
27 May 2008
View news from Germany Dairy Farmers in Germany Go on Strike
GERMANY - German farming leaders yesterday called for a milk protest which they believe will result in 88 per cent of dairy farmers refusing to supply milk to dairy factories by today....
24 April 2008
View news from Germany A Whole New Feed Concept from Landliebe
GERMANY - Landliebe have announced that they will soon be launching a product which they claim to be a whole 'new concept' in cattle feeding....
26 February 2008
View news from Germany EUROTIER : Record Sales 9 Months Early
GERMANY - With more bookings and more foor space than ever before, the International DLG Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Management, EuroTier 2008 reports record exhibitor participation from Germany and other countries. ...
25 February 2008
View news from Germany Germany to Vaccinate Farm Animals Against Bluetongue
GERMANY - Germany announced plans Wednesday to innoculate farm animals against bluetongue disease, which is common in Mediterranean countries and has been spreading north. ...
03 September 2007
View news from Germany News Item: Germany - First-Half Dairy Exports.
GERMANY - Germany's Federal Statistics Office reports that provisional figures show that Germany exported milk and dairy products worth EUR2.9 billion in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 20.3 per cent....
14 July 2007
View news from Germany Update on Bluetongue Disease in Germany
USDA - Germany reported a new case of Blue Tongue Disease (BT) in a sentinel cow. The outbreak occurred in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the West of Germany. This region was already affected in the Fall/Winter of 2006 and protective measures...
16 November 2006
View news from Germany Euro Tier 2006: BioEnergy Europe heralds in new era for world’s farmers - sustainable energy production.
HANNOVER - The premier of BioEnergy Europe at Euro Tier creates an impressive backdrop to a new world opening up for all farmers, and makes a persuasive case for the immediate practical potential offered by the technology. ...
15 November 2006
View news from Germany Euro Tier 2006 Focuses on Biofuel and Innovation
GERMANY - With a record number of over 1600 exhibitors, international visitors up, expecting over 100,000 visitors in total, and following a major refocus on its pig production core together with new themes around Bio Energy production Euro Tier continues...
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