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06 June 2017
View news from Somalia FAO Reaches Milestone in Famine Prevention Campaign in Somalia
SOMALIA - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is pushing forward with a massive campaign that has so far treated more than 12 million animals in less than three months, protecting the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands...
05 June 2017
View news from Global Are You Testing Bulls for Trichomoniasis?
ANALYSIS - Trichomoniasis, also known as Trich, can be devastating to a beef operation. Diagnostic testing can help monitor bulls and significantly reduce the spread of the disease. ...
02 June 2017
View news from United States Report: Federal, State Collaboration Urged to Address Brucellosis Transmission
US - Efforts to control brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) should focus on reducing the risk of transmission from elk, which are now viewed as the primary source of the infection in new cases occurring in cattle and domestic bison, says...
29 May 2017
View news from Canada What to Take Away from Canada’s Vast Agriculture Survey
CANADA - Canada’s agricultural industry received its five-yearly health check this month, with the publication of the 2016 Census of Canadian Agriculture – an incredibly detailed and comprehensive insight into the country’s farming sector. Angela...
24 May 2017
View news from United States US President's Budget an Assault on Farm Safety Net, Rural Communities, Says NFU
US - President Donald J. Trump issued a detailed fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposal yesterday (23 May), recommending drastic cuts to agricultural and rural related agencies and programmes....
15 May 2017
View news from United States Trump Declares War on Environmental Regulations
US - Under the Trump administration, budgets are being cut and regulatory powers curtailed for federal bodies across the board – but none more so than the Environmental Protection Agency. What does this mean for US farmers and producers? Rachel Lane...
09 May 2017
View news from Global FAO Food Price Index Dips Again in April
GLOBAL - Global food commodity prices fell in April amid expectations of ongoing robust supplies of many key staples....
05 May 2017
View news from Ethiopia Red Cross Delivering Hay to Prevent Cattle Deaths
ETHIOPIA - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) are delivering hay to families affected by drought who have been displaced by violence in an effort to prevent the deaths of cattle the communities...
04 May 2017
View news from European Union Unfair Trading Practices Costing Farmers, Agri Co-ops, Says IFA
EU - Speaking in Brussels at an event organised by EuroCommerce in the European Parliament, IFA President Joe Healy said unfair trading practices (UTPs) by retailers cost farmers and agri co-ops across Europe nearly €11bn each year....
27 April 2017
View news from United States White House Takes Important First Step to Reining in Antiquities Act
US - The Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association applaud the executive order signed yesterday that calls for a review of designations made under the Antiquities Act by previous presidents....
21 April 2017
View news from United States Better Way to Predict Environmental Impacts of Ag Production
US - Consumer goods companies often rely on life-cycle assessments (LCA) to figure out the potential consequences of how they design products and source ingredients. This kind of assessment, while sophisticated, often lacks detail about how the products...
18 April 2017
View news from Global Nearly Two Billion People Depend on Imported Food
GLOBAL - Researchers show empirically: when population pressure increases, food is imported....
06 April 2017
View news from Global New Report Says Benchmark for Action Needed to Avoid Future Disasters
GLOBAL - Despite international efforts to address food insecurity, around 108 million people in the world were severely food insecure in 2016, a dramatic increase compared with 80 million in 2015, according to a new global report on food crises released...
04 April 2017
View news from United Kingdom IFA Meets UK Farming Unions on Brexit
UK - IFA President Joe Healy attended a meeting of UK farm leaders hosted by the Ulster Farmers’ Union in Co Down last week to discuss the implications of Brexit and to co-ordinate the approach of farm leaders to the negotiations....
30 March 2017
View news from United Kingdom Making Cows More Environmentally Friendly
UK - Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) and the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Frankfurt have published a paper revealing an important discovery surrounding plants used to feed livestock;...
29 March 2017
View news from Global Farming Becoming Riskier Under Climate Change
GLOBAL - Scientists the world over are working to predict how climate change will affect our planet. It is an extremely complex puzzle with many moving parts, but a few patterns have been consistent, including the prediction that farming as we know it...
28 March 2017
View news from Canada Interest in Issues Related to Livestock Transportation Builds Up
CANADA - The General Manager of the National Farm Animal Care Council says the general public is becoming more aware of and interested in issues related to the transport of livestock, Bruce Cochrane writes....
17 March 2017
View news from Global Securing Future of Cattle Production in Africa
AFRICA - A 'world-first' study of the genomes of indigenous cattle in Africa has revealed vital clues that will help secure the future of cattle production on the continent....
16 March 2017
View news from China China's Quality of Agricultural Products to Improve
CHINA - The Ministry of Agriculture has published a five-year plan to improve the quality of agricultural products, including measures to ensure that products such as apples, tea and pork can be traced back to their producers....
15 March 2017
View news from United States What Makes Farmers Try New Practices?
US - Change is never easy. But when it comes to adopting new agricultural practices, some farmers are easier to convince than others....
09 March 2017
View news from United Kingdom NFU: Collaboration Key to Successful Food Supply Chain Post-Brexit
UK - NFU Deputy President Minette Batters told an audience of policymakers within the UK food supply chain that the integrity of British produce must be the focus pre and post-Brexit....
07 March 2017
View news from Global FAO Food Price Index Edges Higher in February
GLOBAL - The FAO Food Price Index rose slightly in February, marking its seventh consecutive monthly rise, led by increasing wheat and maize prices....
06 March 2017
View news from Global Drought, Conflict Worsen Food Security in Africa
AFRICA - The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that drought and conflicts are worsening food security across Africa, especially in the east, amid strong global harvests....
28 February 2017
View news from Global Report Says World’s Future Food Security 'in Jeopardy' Due to Multiple Challenges
GLOBAL - Mankind's future ability to feed itself is in jeopardy due to intensifying pressures on natural resources, mounting inequality, and the fallout from a changing climate, warns a new FAO report released last week....
27 February 2017
View news from Global FAO Reiterates Continued Support to Africa's Livestock Sector
AFRICA - The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has reiterated that it would continue supporting Africa's livestock sector....
24 February 2017
View news from Global Researchers Suggest New Vision for Future of Agriculture
GLOBAL - "Food production must double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population." This truism has been repeated so often in recent years that it has become widely accepted among academics, policymakers and farmers, but now researchers are challenging...
23 February 2017
View news from European Union EU Report Reveals Antibiotic Resistance Remains High
EU - Bacteria found in humans, animals and food continue to show resistance to widely used antimicrobials, says the latest report on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease...
22 February 2017
View news from United Kingdom IFA President Welcomes Strong Stand Taken by NFU President on Standards for Imported Food Post-Brexit
UK - IFA President Joe Healy has welcomed the strong stand taken by the President of the National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU) by insisting that only food produced to the same standards as in the UK should be allowed into the UK post-Brexit....
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